The Journey Begins

Firstly thank you and welcome to my blog!

I decided to start my blog as a source of staying sane as a mother, I mean who doesn’t love a good old rant every now and then. But also to share stories, knowledge and most importantly love! I don’t want to over commit so at first I’m only aiming for a few posts a month minimum. I mean after all having a toddler and baby isn’t the easiest.

I am also hoping by doing this it will also help my dyslexia. When I studied for my degree I found pushing myself academically actually helped improve my weaknesses within reading, writing and spelling. It is something I’ve struggled my whole life with and being made to feel less able during my early school days wasn’t fun. I am one of many who suffer from dyslexia and I will no doubt do a full post on it later on.

So a little about me I’m 29, I have little boy who’s 2 years old born June 2016 and a baby girl who’s 8 weeks old born August 2018. My partner and I have been together for 9 years now and will soon finally be getting married. I’ve worked in early years since I was 19 and have a degree in FDA Early years, Playwork and Education & BA HONS Education. I’m currently on Matt leave from a day nursery although it’s no secret I won’t be returning. It’s too far to travel, cost a bomb on the train too plus the shifts with a family aren’t practical. I’m unsure at the moment what I will do when I return to the world of work but until then I’m enjoying every minute of being at home.

I hope you enjoy coming along on this journey with me.

Much love

V x

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