Duplo fun

So H had her first set of vaccinations yesterday. What a way to celebrate turning two months haha. So naturally she is a bit clingy and grumpy read below to see how I help deal with this.

My quick and easy activity for busy Mums

To make sure I didn’t feel push aside whilst I’m dealing with her. I made sure I set up a quick easy but more importantly fun activity for him this morning. It took all of five minutes to do and two things from around the house cereal and duplo.

He loves his duplo and is super lucky to have tons of it. Those grandparents spoil him due to being the first grandchild on one side of the family and the only one who lives close by on the other. Anyway I’m side tracking, I simply picked out some of his favourite pieces and left his duplo box next to his table so he can extend his own play as his wishes. As you can see from the picture below it didn’t take long for him to get stuck in.

You can of course adjust to make it work for your little one, doesn’t have to have a construction theme. Another example could be farm animals or just simply exploring the hoops as a sensory activity. You know your child best so trust yourself on what you think will work best for them.

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