My children’s identity

Firstly I just want to start by saying I respect everyone’s decision on this topic. I am just sharing my personal view and if I can raise awareness of the dangers than that’s a plus. So if you follow my Instagram account then you may of already noticed I don’t share pictures or even my children’s names, read below to see why.

P.S – this 👇 photo cracks me up haha

Social media

I have actually recently deleted my Facebook account after all news regarding the hackings and selling of information. It’s scary to think someone could steal yours or a loved ones identity. Not only that I found myself on it all the time reading people’s post instead of actually calling them like a real human haha. I want to make more of an effect to call people and catch up or meet up for a coffee than just catch up through social media.

I have also made my personal account on Instagram private and have done so for some time. However I when I first set up my Instagram is was public and I shared everything from food, home, pregnancy and then of course children.

Knock on effect

when it’s on the internet it’s hard to really ever be deleted. So how will it effect their future? They haven’t asked to be posted about, I mean don’t get me wrong I loved sharing photos, videos and achievements. It’s just the more I think about it the more I worry about where these will end up. what they think later on in life. Will they be happy to look back at their childhood or will they be embarrassed, will it effect their work? I know I’m a worrier which doesn’t help but I’d much rather be mindful of what I share.


I have to admit this is the main reason for me and I know I’m probably worse off in some ways or better depending on how you look at it. But working in Early Years I’ve done my fair share of child protection training. I am fully aware of the dangers that social media/internet pose for everyone especially children and it really does scare the crap out of me. I mean you really don’t know where your post will end up and who will see it.

I know I can watermark photos but it doesn’t stop people from coping and/or screenshooting the photos and unfortunately this does happen. I mean we’re all been there screenshooting a quiz to do on Instagram. Having accounts that are public are easy access for dangerous people to get hold of your photos/videos and share them around, even sell them without you even knowing. It just doesn’t even bare thinking about.

What are your thoughts?

Love V x

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