Playdough made simple for sensitive little hands

So working in early years I’ve made so many different types of play-dough over the years. Making a tradition play-dough is a pain epsically at home. The recipe calls for several different ingredients and I don’t know about you but nine times out of ten I don’t have them all. Cream of tartar normally being the culprit that’s missing from my cupboard. This is another reason why I love this recipe two ingredient flour and moisturiser. Yep that’s right something that’s always around the house, nice and simple no tricks. Now you can use any flour you like and for that matter any mixer. So for example if you liked you could use shampoo instead of moisturiser.

So getting started

I tend to go for cornflour as i personally found it works the best for texture and mixing however it does tend to dry up quicker. Abit like shop brought play-dough if you was to leave it out. Plain flour takes a bit longer to mix together and does feel more like a dough but will last longer.

As you can see from the picture below I used plain flour (I had no cornflour) and I’s dermol cream as we have lots of it and it’s great for his skin (and mine). I have also chosen to colour my play-dough with food colouring. This is optional and if your child has super sensitive skin I would maybe recommend using a natural food colourant or just skipping this part although.

You will need a mixing bowl and your chosen ingredients. Simply place a few handfuls of flour into your bowl and slowing add in your moisturiser. There is no set measurements, it really does depend on how much you wish to make but generally you need more flour, on roughly a 2:1 ratio. The more you make this the more you become aware of how much you need for the quantity and texture you wish for. Practice does make prefect after all…or so they say.

Now you can either add you colourant into your moisturiser or half way through like I decided to do. Just a few drops will do then just keep mixing and kneading the mixture until you reach a play-dough like consistency. That is that to keep your play-dough wrap in cling film and place in an airtight container.

Next time why don’t you try making it with you little one too. If there anything like I it will get messing but they will love it.

Happy play-dough making

V x

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