First 12 weeks with H

Firstly as I draft write this I can’t believe how much she’s grown already…I’m not crying, honestly.

Here she is five days old


Now compared to her brothers it was quick. Stupidly quick, I’m lucky she wasn’t born in the Hosiptal hallway. The annoying thing is I was sent home just over a hour early for and I quote:

“not being in enough pain”


“not all second labours are quick”

In all honesty I’m glad this particular lady didn’t end up being my midwife during the birth. From that point she had royally pissed me off, not the really the best of things to be saying to someone in pain from contractions and general discomfort from being 41 weeks pregnant!! The day before I been booked in for my induction at my midwife appointment for the 20/08/2018. Which would of put me at 41 plus 5, which is actually my mums birthday but thankfully she decided to come before that.

Although I must say before I carry on that all the midwifes did an amazing job. The midwife who delivered H was called Vicky who we later found out wasn’t even meant to be on the side of the birthing ward. She had just started work and was doing the rounds saying hello catching up etc then in I waddle. Out of the handful of midwifes there showing me to my room she jumped straight in to help and she was great.

So anyway haha once I had been shown to my room and told “we don’t have babies in the hallway” to try and hurry me up. Yep honestly was told that, I mean I now see the funny side of it before I just literally saw red and the husband had to give me that look to calm me down. I just about managed to get my shoes and pj bottoms off before my waters broke. I was literally in the room all of ten minutes before I was able to hold my princess.

It was over so quickly literally within a few pushes she was here, when she decided to she wanted to come she didn’t miss about. No time for gas and air or anything really which I am glad about now at the time however not so much. I was in so much pain all I wanted was some sort of relief although I must admit once my waters went the pain eased. Again so different to her brothers, I had my waters broken with him and the pain doubled instantly.

She was delivered at 1:00am weighing 7lb 13oz. She was the double of her bother with one slight difference she had more hair.

This picture was taken on the 7/08/18 the day before she was due.


Well I must admit I honestly thought it would be so much easier to get baby number 2 into a routine.

“Well she will just have to fit into our routine won’t she”

Yep I generally said that and of course H had other ideas. I hand on heart thought she was going to be just like her big brother, so content. Nope she couldn’t be any more different, she’s so sassy it’s unreal but we of course love her all the same. It’s what makes her…well her.

Anyway I’m going off topic our routine is basically just feeding every four hours still, eat play sleep repeat. Nightime I try to put her down the same time as big brother which is 7pm. She will generally then sleep through to around 2am feed and go back to bed till anywhere from 6am till 8am. On the very rare odd night she will sleep through, which I cherish as her brother slept through from six weeks old!!! And being up in the night and then being up at the crack of dawn with a toddler it’s well exhausting. Not that any of you mums (or dads) of more than one beautiful baby need reminding of this.

On days when I really begin to struggle with the sleep deprivation I just have to remind myself that it’s not forever and she will sleep though eventually. I could also get my own back on her when she’s a teenager depending on how evil I’m feeling.

6-8 week check up

So H was born with a blocked tear duct on her left eye. Weirdly enough so did her big brother; even down to the same eye except his clear up by the time he was a month old. H’s is still going strong and it’s so frustrating there’s no consistency with it either some days it’s clear and others I’m having to clean it a handful of times. So naturally during our postpartum check up I spoke to the doctor about it which I was advised to do so by the health visitor if it hadn’t got any better. Any way he gave no fucks about it just ensured me that it will go away with time. Well hitting 12 weeks on from her birth and it’s still there. Thankfully she doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. If any of you have experience this with your little ones I’d love to hear from you.

Since her check up at 6 weeks we have been back to the doctors at 7 1/2 weeks due to catching her big brother cold. I was so concerned she had bronchitis as she was showing a lot of the signs but thankfully she was okay just a general cold. However the doctor did prescribe an inhaler for her bad days. He also believes she is asthmatic but due to her age it’s difficult to say for certain at the moment. I wouldn’t be all surprised though as I have what most like to call ‘seasonal’ asthma. During the colder months I can really suffer with my asthma if I don’t take care of my general health. So I have to make sure I eat well, take vitamin tablets and get my flu jab otherwise it’s a nightmare.

Matt leave & work

With my first pregnancy I ended up going back to work a little earlier than planned. I had a promotion so went back to work when he was 8 months old full time. The original plan was to only ever go back part time and on reflection I wish I had stuck to my guns. During both pregnancies I received a lot of unnecessary stress especially during H’s pregnancy to the point I had to leave early for health reasons. I still find it strange how some people’s attitudes change due to you being pregnant.

On the bright side though my husband was therefore able to be a stay at home dad, as financially his wages would of been going solely on childcare. He still cherishes these moments today as well; I of course like any working parent found it hard from time to time missing out on all the ‘firsts’ and even guilty that I felt jealous of the bond they had developed.

So now that I have the opportunity to stay at home with them both for a little while I am trying my best to make the most of it! Sometimes I must admit it’s hard when we’re having a bad day but the fact I’m able to be here for H’s firsts it is of course amazing. Even more so as they will be our lasts as well. We don’t plan on having any more children so it makes it extra special to me and I’ll be forever grateful for it.


As I said before I can not get over how much she’s grown already since birth. The old age problem of time and how quickly your babies grow. Although her baby cousin was born a few weeks ago so of course comparing them hasn’t help but having newborn cuddles again has been priceless.

She has developed such a cheeky smile and is becoming so playful. She loves to play with her baby gym but hands down her favourite toy is Freddie the firefly by the Lamaze. I love the bond that her and her big bother are developing. The way she looks at him with so much love gets me every time. But nothing will beat the smiles she gives her Daddy, well and truly a Daddy’s girl.

I can’t wait to see what the next 12 weeks bring.

Much love


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